61F-G61F-G Basic Building-block Controllers That Mount Directly to Panels for Easier Maintenance

Basic building block controllers that can be mounted directly to panels for easier maintenance.

  • Available in compact size with dimensions: 49.4 x 38 x 84 mm (HxWxD).Omron 61F-G
  • Different models available for long distances (2Km and 4Km).
  • LED operation indicator provided for easy identification of operation status.
  • Low and high sensitivity models available.
  • Different models can be used for high temperatures.
  • 11- pin models with independent DPDT contacts.
  • CE marking present and conform to UL and CSA norms.

Omron Level Sensor Model List

Type Set contents General-purpose Long-distance,
2 km
4 km
Model Model Model Model
Application G  Base x 1
Units x 1
61F-GL 2KM 61F-GL 4KM H
Application G1  Base x 1
61F-11[] Units x 2
61F-G1L 2KM 61F-G1L 4KM 61F-G1H
Application G2 Base x 1
61F-11[] Units x 2
61F-G2L 2KM 61F-G2L 4KM 61F-G2H
Application G3 Base x 1
61F-11[] Units x 3
61F-G3L 2KM 61F-G3L 4KM 61F-G3H
Application G4  Base x 1
61F-11[] Units x 5
MK3P Relay x 1
61F-G4L 2KM 61F-G4L 4KM 61F-G4H
Application I 61F-I Base x 1
61F-11[] Units x 2
61F-I 61F-IL 2KM 61F-IL 4KM 61F-IH
Relay Unit 61F-11[] Units x 1 61F-11 61F-11L 2KM 61F-11L 4KM 61F-11H


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61F-G Floatless Level Switch
USD 30
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