Brake  rectifier is an electrical brake components, it can take inbound AC voltage, and then change it to DC voltage needed to energize a DC brake coil.



The Purpose is Brake Rectifier:

To Stop Motion

  • The brake engages when power is removed from the motor
  • The brake applies force to an object in motion until friction either slows or stops the motion.
  • Motor slows and finally stops

To Prevent Motion

  • Brake engages after motor has come to complete stop
  • Brake merely holds motor to prevent rotation.

SEW features:

  • Fail-safe operation
  • Rectifier for conversion of AC into DC current
  • DC controlled brake coil

There are several versions of rectifiers in the industry.we main supply EURODRIVE SEW.The model series include as below:

Rectifiers and relays that mount in Motor Conduit Box

BG 1,BG 1.5, BG 3.0 BGE  1.5,BGE 3.0, and BSG 3.0







Rectifiers that mount in Control Panel