Photoelectric Sensors


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cx-481 Retroreflective type Panasonic photoelectric Sensor model CX-481 sensing range is 50-500mm. RF-230 reflector optional. you can purchase it or use others, it is the same.


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Model:EE-SX672 Omron Industrial automation micro photoelectric sensors T-shaped, Slot center 7 mm Non-modulated Through-beam design (with slot), Connector type, and detecting


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Model:EE-SX671 Non-modulated Through-beam design (along with slot), L-shaped, Connector type, sensing range: five millimeters, Dark-ON/Light-ON (optional) EE-SX671 NPN open


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CX-412 Panasonic industrial automation through beam photoelectric sensor The infrared source of light is powerful in dirt and dust than the read beam mode. Outstanding penetrating


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Model:EX-23 EX-23 Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor  Panasonic Brand EX-20 series is great for use as an all-purpose sensor. Even though the sensor is extremely small, the sensing


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models:cx-421 Panasonic industrial automation diffuse reflection photoelectric sensor Panasonic Brand CX-421 Compact Photoelectric Sensor Categories Appearance Detecting range


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CX-411 Panasonic/Sunx Sensors cx-411 Compact Photoelectric Sensor Panasonic brand     categories Appearance detecting length Item. (Note 1) Output light NPN output PNP


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Model:PM-L24 Ultra-small U-shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensor Panasonic Brand PM-L24 order information Type Appearance Detecting Model No. Output Output operation (mm) range K type


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Model: CX-491 Retroreflective type Panasonic photoelectric Sensor model CX-491  Compact Photoelectric Sensor Sunx     Categories Appearance detectinging range Model


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Model:E3JK omron photoelectric sensor switch E3JK Built-in amplifier that can accept a wide range of supply voltage. Slim and compact design with dimensions: 50 x 50 x 17.4 mm.
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