Panasonic/Sunx Sensors cx-411

Compact Photoelectric Sensor Panasonic brand



categories Appearance detecting length Item. (Note 1) Output light
NPN output PNP output workings source
10 m32.808 ft CX-411 CX-411-P Switchable Red LED
Long sensing 15 m49.213 ft CX-412 CX-412-P or Infrared
range 30 m98.425 ft CX-413 CX-413-P Dark-ON LED
Retroreflective type
categories Appearance detecing length Model No. (Note 1) Output light
NPN output PNP output operation source
With polarizing
3 m 9.843 ft CX-491 CX-491-P Switchable Red LED
filters either
(Note 2) Light-ON
Long detecting 5 m 16.404 ft CX-493 CX-493-P or
range (Note 2) Dark-ON
For transparent 50 to 500 mm CX-481 CX-481-P Infrared
object sensing 1.969 to 19.685 in LED
(Note 2)
50 to 1,000mm CX-483 CX-483-P
1.969 to 39.37 in
(Note 2)
0.1 to 2 m CX-482 CX-482-P
0.328 to 6.562 ft
(Note 2)
Diffuse reflective type
categories Appearance detecting length Model No. (Note 1) Output light
NPN output PNP output working source
100 mm3.937 in CX-424 CX-424-P Switchable Infrared
300 mm11.811 in CX-421 CX-421-P Light-ON
800 mm31.496 in CX-422 CX-422-P or
70 to 300 mm CX-423 CX-423-P Dark-ON Red LED
2.756 to 11.811 in

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