• Retroreflective type Panasonic photoelectric Sensor model CX-481

  • sensing range is 50-500mm.
  • RF-230 reflector optional. you can purchase it or use others, it is the same.
  • Switchable either Light-ON or Dark-ON



Our company’s objective is quick turnover with small profits to win customers all over the world. Panasonic sensors have a wide application in electronic equipment such as SMT equipment etc.

Contact us! we wills send you all information about its applications,datasheet, price and manual etc.

Type Retroreflective
With polarizing filters Long sensing range For transparent object sensing
Model No. NPN output CX-491 CX-493 CX-481 CX-483 CX-482
PNP output CX-491-P CX-493-P CX-481-P CX-483-P CX-482-P
Detecting range 3 m
9.843 ft
5 m
16.404 ft
50 to 500 mm
1.969 to 19.685 in
50 to 1,000mm
1.969 to 39.37 in
0.1 to 2 m
0.328 to 6.562 ft
Detecting object ø50 mm
ø1.969 in or
more opaque,
translucent or
specular object
ø50 mm
ø1.969 in or
more opaque
or translucent
ø50 mm ø1.969 in or more transparent,
translucent or opaque object


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Retroreflective type Panasonic Sensor model CX-481
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