E2E-X1C1Model:E2E-X1C1 Omron industrial automation components


Standard sensors for detection of ferrous metals.

Ideal for a variety of applications

Cable is made of oil-resistant PVC since provides superior environmental protection. So the sensing surface is made of a material that resists cutting and damages.

Standard and different frequency based models available therefore can prevent against mutual interference.

Connection methods include pre-wired, M12 size metal connector,and M8 size metal connector and simple connector models.details in conclusion check the specifications below.

E2E-X1C1 specifications

No. Classification Code Meaning Remarks
A Appearance X Cylindrical (threaded)
B Detecting  range Number Detecting  range (Unit: mm) For example:

1R5: 1.5 mm

R Indication of decimal point
C Shielding Blank Shielded Model
M Unshielded Model







Power supply and output specifications

B DC 3-wire PNP open-collector output  



Whether D models have polarity is defined by num- ber J.

C DC 3-wire NPN open-collector output
D DC 2-wire polarity/no polarity
E DC 3-wire NPN collector load built-in output
F DC 3-wire PNP collector load built-in output
T AC/DC 2-wire
Y AC 2-wire
E Form of output switching el- ement 1 Normally open (NO)
2 Normally closed (NC)
F Oscillation frequency type Blank Standard frequency Used to prevent mutual in- terference.
5 Different frequency
G Self-diagnosis Blank No
5 Yes





Connection way

Blank Pre-wired
M1 M12-size metal connector
M3 M8-size metal connector

Omron PROXIMITY SWITCH metal sensing NPN type E2E-X1C1 Same like another model:E2E-X5E1

because the price is up to orders quantity and order time, as a result, the price maybe different in different time.  please contact us if you have a requirement for the model. we will quote you a solid price.

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