Solid-state Multi-functional Timers Model:H3CR-A8 Solid state Omron timer Relay,Industrial Automation Components.

  • Comes with solid-state multiple operating modes to support different time ranges.
  • DIN 48 x 48 mm multi functional timer that supports high and low voltages due to its multifunctional timer with a huge AC/DC power supply range.
  • Reduced current consumption due to ecological design.
  • 11 pin and 8 pin models available that can work in six and four modes respectively.
  • Instantaneous results for a zero set value along with easy sequence checking.
  • H3CR-A8 AC100-240/DC100-125,24-48VAC/12-48VDC
  • DIN track mounting, flush mounting and surface mounting as standard mounting methods.
  • PNP input models available too.
  • Follow standards of UL, CSA, NK, LR and EN 61812-1 as well as CE Marking.

H3CR-A8 datasheet

Item H3CR-A/-AS/-A-301 H3CR-AP H3CR-A8/-A8S/-A8-301 H3CR-A8E
working mode A: ON-delay
B: Flicker OFF start
B2: Flicker ON start
C: Signal ON/OFF-delay
D: Signal OFF-delay
E: Interval
G: Signal ON/OFF-delay
J: One-shot
A: ON-delay (power supply start)
B: Flicker OFF start (power supply start)
B2: Flicker ON start (power supply start)
E: Interval (power supply start)
J: One-shot (power supply start)
Pin type 11-pin 8-pin
Input type No-voltage input Voltage input
Time-limit output type H3CR-A/-A8/-AP/-A-301/-A8-301: Relay output (DPDT)
H3CR-AS/-A8S: Transistor output (NPN/PNP universal) *
Relay output
Instantaneous output
Relay output
Mounting way DIN track mounting, surface mounting, and flush mounting
Approved standards UL508, CSA C22.2 No.14, NK, Lloyds, CCC
Conforms to EN61812-1 and IEC60664-1 (VDE0110) 4kV/2.
Output category according to EN60947-5-1 for Timers with Contact Outputs.
Output category according to EN60947-5-2 for Timers with Transistor Outputs.
H3CR-A8 Related:H3Y-2 h3ba-n8h  H3F-F8,Panel mounting parts model is Y92F-30 etc.
H3CR-F8 AC/DC24 H3CR-H8L AC100-120 M H3CR-F8-300 AC100-240
H3CR-F AC/DC24 H3CR-H8L AC200-240 M H3CR-F8-300 AC/DC24
H3CR-G8EL AC100-120 H3CR-H8L AC/DC24 M H3CR-F8-300 DC12
H3CR-H8L AC200-240 M H3CR-H8L DC48 M H3CR-F8-300 DC48-125
H3CR-H8L DC100-125 M H3CR-H8L DC100-125 M H3CR-F8N-300 AC100-240
H3CR-F8-300 AC/DC24 H3CR-H8L AC100-120 S H3CR-F8N-300 AC/DC24
H3CR-F8 AC100-240 H3CR-H8L AC200-240 S H3CR-F8N-300 DC12
H3CR-F8 AC/DC24 H3CR-H8L AC/DC24 S H3CR-F8N-300 DC48-125
H3CR-F8 DC12 H3CR-H8L DC48 S H3CR-F-300 AC100-240
H3CR-F8 DC48-125 H3CR-H8L DC100-125 S H3CR-F-300 AC/DC24
H3CR-F8N AC100-240 H3CR-H8RL AC100-120 M H3CR-F-300 DC12
H3CR-F8N AC/DC24 H3CR-H8RL AC200-240 M H3CR-FN-300 AC100-240
H3CR-F8N DC48-125 H3CR-H8RL DC48 M H3CR-FN-300 DC12
H3CR-F AC100-240 H3CR-H8RL DC100-125 M H3CR-A8-305 AC100-240/DC100-12
H3CR-F AC/DC24 H3CR-H8RL AC100-120 S H3CR-A AC100-240/DC100-125
H3CR-F DC12 H3CR-H8RL AC200-240 S H3CR-A AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-F DC48-125 H3CR-H8RL AC/DC24 S H3CR-AP AC100-240/DC100-125
H3CR-FN  AC100-240 H3CR-H8RL DC48 S H3CR-AP AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-FN  AC/DC24 H3CR-H8RL DC100-125 S H3CR-AS AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-FN  DC12 H3CR-HRL AC100-120 M H3CR-A8 AC100-240/DC100-125
H3CR-FN  DC48-125 H3CR-HRL AC200-240 M H3CR-A8 AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-G8L AC100-120 H3CR-HRL AC/DC24 M H3CR-A8E AC100-240/DC100-125
H3CR-G8L AC200-240 H3CR-HRL DC48 M H3CR-A8E AC/DC24-48
H3CR-G8EL AC100-120 H3CR-HRL DC100-125 M H3CR-A8S AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-G8EL AC200-240 H3CR-HRL AC100-120 S H3CR-A-300 AC100-240/DC100-125
H3CR-G8L-30 AC100-120 H3CR-HRL AC200-240 S H3CR-A-300 AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-G8L-30 AC200-240 H3CR-HRL AC/DC24 S H3CR-A-301 AC100-240/DC100-125
H3CR-G8EL-31 AC100-120 H3CR-HRL DC48 S H3CR-A-301 AC24-48/DC12-48
H3CR-G8EL-31 AC200-240 H3CR-HRL DC100-125 S H3CR-A8-301 AC100-240/DC100-
H3CR-A8-301 AC24-48/DC12-48 Y92S-27 Y92H-8
H3CR-F-300 DC48-125 Y92S-28 Y92F-73
H3CR-FN-300 DC48-125 Y92P-48GL Y92F-74
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