some kinds of machinery works

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all the below picture is some excellent Machinery Engineer design. you must very surprise of how they have so good idea. we have to learn from them. our company are industrial automation components distributor of panasonic and omron.use the automation components, now you can more easy to make one machine to save your time and body energy.
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Mechanical schematics















100 years ago, the ancient bird chime clock automated timekeeping mechanism
aircraft engine










Zipper works
what kind of food it is
warship gun loading system
unlock schematics
Torsion spring swing mechanism , engineers both familiar and unfamiliar bodies
The most clear and complete Automatic firearms ( machine guns ) missile , firing , ejector mechanism
noodle making machine
Real Manipulator
Sewing Machine
Shaped gear mechanism people crazy , you can imagine where the three-dimensional engagement and operational status it
Special reduction gear mechanism , there is no reference?
Students’ use Lego to create a world of automation
Missile automatic small submachine gun , firing , ejector mechanism , watching three minutes , only a complete continuous impression
Magnetic ooze swallowed small iron ball , just add a thin iron oxide powder in muds can be made for that magic comes phagocytosis of the magnetic mud
ice cream cone making machine
German Fei Jiashi engine rotor Wankel in the last century invention
Fine small metal chain is formed in such a high-speed
elevator door
Ductless siphon principle
Count , which is the number of cylinders , the number of engine valve
Cyclical slide fork mechanism , clever and common mechanical structure
Continuous swing , slide mechanism
bottle makingmachine
bullet making machine
Cam or gear You can distinguish it



Chain production principle

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Mechanical schematics
Article Name
Mechanical schematics
some kinds of machinery Mechanical schematics

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