Digital RGB Color Mark Sensors
Panasonic color mark sensors LX-100 Series popular model LX-101

LX-101 Specifications Panasonic color mark sensors


Item Performance LX-101
Detecting range 10 plus or minus 3 mm 0.394 plus or minus 0.118 in
Emission spot size 1 x 5 mm 0.039 x 0.197 in (at 10 mm 0.394 in setting distance)
Voltage of supply 12 to 24 V DC plus or minus 10 % Ripple P-P 10 % or less
Current consumption Normal mode: 750 mW or less(Current consumption 30 mA or less at 24 V supply voltage)
ECO mode: 600 mW or less(Current consumption 25 mA or less at 24 V supply voltage)
Output NPN open-collector transistor
– Maximum sink current: 50 mA
– Applied voltage: 30 V DC or less (between output and 0 V)
– Residual voltage: 1.5 V or less (at 50 mA sink current)
Response time Mark mode: 45 micro s or less
Color mode: 150 micro s or less
Digital display 4-digit red LED display
Sensitivity setting Mark mode: 2-level teaching / Full-auto teaching
Color mode: 1-level teaching

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LX-101 Specifications Panasonic color mark sensors
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