Omron PID Temperature Controller

OMRON Temperature Controller

OMRON-E5CCOMRON is a globally known brand for its rich innovative products; it serves high quality products all around the world. Every effort has been made to provide customers with goods and services that they require the most. One such great innovation is temperature controller, this product can maintain a present temperature at your house by controlling devices like heaters and blowers. They have a wide range of applications mainly including food processing machines, packaging machines and many other areas with high speed and performances. Most important one can be its use white setting temperature alarm application.


With enhanced functioning of OMRON E5CN Temperature Controller, it is a world made easy for you as it is quiet user friendly and comes with easy settings. It is a new model with analog inputs and current output, the PV\SV-status display will automatically alternate displays between status of temperature and PV. The E5CN comes with easy LED display which will display up to 4-digits on the screen, it has both auto and manual switching and simple programing function. It even maintains the relays in Temperature Controller using a Control Output.


e5czIt is most general plug in Temperature controller with E5CN as its unique name, ideal for applications that require alarms as E5CN comes with two added alarms. Characters height up to 13.5 mm on the LED screen, are clear and readable. Its hard protecting cover protects the set from dust, water droplets and any accident which can cause change in desired values of temperature. Its setting work is also very easy as it uses DIP switch.


This generation has been modified to its best and made most users friendly and effective. Its display is bigger, brighter to achieve superior visibility. You won’t have to switch between SV and PV as they both can be displayed along with program progression. It comes with easy setup manual from computer, an installation disc is provided with E5CC to quickly complete the installation process without and headache, and you can set up to 32 segments in each program for a total of 256 program segments in case of a complex temperature controller. Previously it was required to increment temperature with 1 degree at a time, but with this model you can instantly change and switch between the digits. OMRON E5CC has a high speed sampling period at 50 ms and control period of 0.1s to 0.2 s.

All the products are PID Temperature Controller

E5CN-R2MT-500The PID temperature controller is like a feedback control method as it continuously calculates an error value and helps the controller in minimizing the error by adjustments in control variable and set points, and even adjusting the power being supplied to the controller. Its basic concept is calculating the difference between measured value of temperature and value set in controller, it is software designed to check the working of controller depending upon its responsiveness to an error. But use of PID algorithms does not guarantee optimal control or stability of the system.



e5cn Omron Digital Temperature Controller

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