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IGBT MODULE (V series) 1200V / 25A / PIM


  1. Low VCE(sat)
  2. Compact Package
  3. P.C.Board Mount Module
  4. Converter Diode Bridge Dynamic Brake Circuit
  5. RoHS compliant product
  6. Applications
  7. Inverter for Motor Drive
  8. AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier
  9. Uninterruptible Power Supply
  10. Maximum Ratings and Characteristics


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2MBI200VB-120, 7MBR25SA120-50, 7MBR50VP120-50, DDB6U134N16RR, DP15H1200TO101982, FF300R12KT3, FF300R12KT4, FF450R12KE4\FP15R12YT3, FP25R12KT3, FP50R12KT4, FP75R12KT3, FS100R12KT3, FS100R12KT4G, FS150R12KT3, FS150R12KT4, FS300R12KT4, FS50R12KT3, FS75R12KT3, MCD312-16IO1, MCO500-16IO1, MDO600-16N1, SEMi503GB126v1, SEMiX353126V1, SKD160/16, SKD53/16, SKD83/16, SKIIP 13NAB065V1, SKIIP 23AC126V1, SKIIP 23NAB126V1, SKIIP 24NAB126V1, SKIIP 35NAB12T4V1, SKIIP 37NAB12T4V1, SKIIP12NAB126V1, SKIIP22NAB126V10, SKIIP23NAB126V1, SKIIP24NAB126V1, SKIIP37NAB12T4V1, SKIIP38NAB12T4V1, SKIITP38NAB12T4V1, SKKH132/16E, SKKT253/16E, SKM400GB125D, TD180N16KOF, VUB120-16NOX, VUB120-16NOXT, VUB145-16NOXT


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