PMC916 — ABB — Power Monitoring & Control Unit

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  • Estimated Lead Time : 5-7 Working Days
  • Manufacturer : ABB
  • PMC916
  • The intelligent multipurpose power parameter monitoring and control devise which has an extensive range of applications in power system.
  • PMC916, which can be employed directly as a power meter, features eight switch signal channels for the monitoring of the switch contact status.
  • The four relay outputs of the PMC916 allows for remote control, and alarm control by relating power parameters as voltage, current, frequency and power.
  • PMC916 has 4 relay outputs
  • PMC916 relays in addition to the remote control can be achieved but also can be associated with Voltage, current, frequency, power and other electrical parameters to achieve the alarm control
  • PMC916 can easily with all types of computer monitoring system to achieve the exchange of information.
  • Output Characteristic: Remote Control Relay Action Parameter : 250V 8A AC&30V 8A DC, Resistive Load
  • Communication : communication Port : RS485, CAN
  • Communication Protocol : MODBUS-RTU, Hilon B
  • Comunication Rate :-MODBUS : 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600 bps
  • Hilon :5/10/20/50/100/125 K bps
  • Shipping Weight : 2 Kg
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