SQM48.497B9 — Servo motor — Siemens

Actuator, 20Nm, 90°/30s, CAN bus, shaft 14mm+key, holding torque 20Nm

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  • Manufacturer : Siemens
  • Product No. :  SQM48.497B9
  • Product type : Servo motor
  • Actuator combustionact 20NM 30SEC
  • Shipping weight : 2.5 Kg
Model Number:

SQM45.295B9, SQM48.497B9, SQM48.697B9, SQM45.295A9, SQM48.497A9, SQM45.291A9, SQM40.295A20, SQM56.687A2, SQM50.481A2, SQM50.480A2Z3, SQM50.481A2Z3, SQM50.480A2G3, SQM50.481A2G3, SQM40.265A20, SQM40.241A21, SQM40.281A20, ASZ16.703, ASZ12.30


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