SQM48.697B9 — Servo Motor — Siemens

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  • Estimated Lead Time : 3-5 working days
  • Manufacturer : Siemens
  • SQM48.697B9
  • 30…120 s
  • Electromotoric actuators
  • Torques : SQM48…up to 20 Nm
  • Running times : SQM48…30…120 s
  • Versions: ??Choice of drive shafts
  • Order number : S55451-D302-A100
  • Type : SQM48.697B9
  • Drive shaft 1) No.: 7
  • Running time(min.)for 90°s : 60
  • Nominal output torque(max.)Nm : 35
  • Holding torque (max.) : 35
  • Radial bearing force(max.) N : 800
  • Weight : Approx. 1.6 kg
  • shipping Weight : 3 Kg


Actuator, 35Nm, 90°/60s, CAN bus, shaft 14mm+key, holding torque 35Nm

Actuator for burner controls, spur gear drive, 60 s/90°, power supply via CAN bus, with key, rated torque 35 Nm, holding torque 35 Nm

model price
SQM45.295B9 US$385.94
SQM48.497B9 US$873.44
SQM48.697B9 US$2,360.00
SQM45.295A9 US$467.19
SQM48.497A9 US$985.16
SQM45.291A9 US$446.88
SQM40.295A20 US$609.38
SQM56.687A2 US$1,117.19
SQM50.481A2 US$853.13
SQM40.265A20 US$507.81
SQM40.241A21 US$457.03
SQM40.281A20 US$629.69
ASZ16.703 US$146.25
SQM10.15562 Negotiable
SQM10.16562 Negotiable
SQM10.16502 Negotiable
SQN30.111A3500 Negotiable
SQN30.121A2700 Negotiable
SQN30.401A2700 Negotiable
SQN30.402A2700 Negotiable
SQN31.401A2700 Negotiable
SQN31.402A2700 Negotiable
SQN31.221A2700 Negotiable
SQL33.03 Negotiable
SQN70.224A20 Negotiable
SQN70.454A20 Negotiable
SQN70.464A20 Negotiable
SQN70.294A20 Negotiable
SQN70.424A20; Negotiable
SQN72.6A4A20BT Negotiable
SQN70.624A20 Negotiable
SQN70.664A20 Negotiable
SQN71.664A20 Negotiable
SQN90.240B2793 Negotiable
SQM50.424A27 Negotiable
SQM56.687A2 Negotiable
SQM56.680A2Z3 Negotiable
SQN75.254A21B Negotiable
SQN75.244A21B Negotiable
SQN72.6C4A20BT Negotiable
SQN31.401A2760 Negotiable
SQM45.295B9 Negotiable
SQM48.497B9 Negotiable
SQM48.697B9 Negotiable
SQM45.295A9 Negotiable
SQM48.497A9 Negotiable
SQM45.291A9 Negotiable
SQM40.295A20 Negotiable
SQM56.687A2 Negotiable
SQM50.481A2 Negotiable
SQM40.265A20 Negotiable
SQM40.241A21 Negotiable
SQM40.281A20 Negotiable
ASZ16.703 Negotiable
Model Number:

SQM45.295B9, SQM48.497B9, SQM48.697B9, SQM45.295A9, SQM48.497A9, SQM45.291A9, SQM40.295A20, SQM56.687A2, SQM50.481A2, SQM50.480A2Z3, SQM50.481A2Z3, SQM50.480A2G3, SQM50.481A2G3, SQM40.265A20, SQM40.241A21, SQM40.281A20, ASZ16.703, ASZ12.30


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