SQN72 Actuators


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SIemens SQN72 Servo Motors, Electromotoric actuators for air dampers and control valves of oil or gas burners of small to medium capacity.

for load-dependent control of the fuel and the combustion air volume:

  1. In connection with P-PI or PID controllers, such as the ..
  2. Directly via the different types of burner controls, such as LOA…, LMO…, LME…, or ..
  3. In connection with 1- or 2-wire control or 3-position controllers


  1. mpact-proof and heat-resistant plastic housings
  2. Plug terminals for the electrical connections
  3. Maintenance-free gear train (can be disengaged)
  4. Internal position indication
  5. Easy-to-adjust end and auxiliary switches for setting the switching points
  6. Integrated electronic circuits
  7. Degree of protection IP54


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SQN72.2A4A20BT, SQN72.4D5A20BT, SQN72.6A4A20BT, SQN72.2B4A20BT, SQN72.4C4A20BT, SQN72.6C4A20BT, SQN72.4A4A20BT, SQN72.2A4A20BC, SQN72.6A4A20BC, SQN72.4A4A20BC, AGG5.110, SQN30.111A2700, SQN30.111A3500, SQN30.401A2700, SQN30.402A2700, SQN30.151A2700, SQN31.221A2700, SQN31.401A2700, SQN31.402A2700, SQN31.762A2700


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