TOEX-E0416 — Honeywell — (BP50) TOEX 3,5 R134A MOP+15 3/4X3/4UNF

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  • Estimated Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks
  • Manufacturer: Honeywell
  • TOEX-E0416
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve with solid built-in orifice and O-ring connection. Internal or external pressure equalization.
  • TOEX: with external pressure equalisation; for optimal evaporation effectiveness in all applications. Essential for multiple injection with liquid distributors
  • Thermostatic expansion valve for use in installations with one or more refrigerants circuits, especially for series installations such as bus and train air-conditioning units, mobile air-conditioning and cooling units with O-ring connection.
  • Warm thermal head, highly dependable warming of the thermal head by the liquid refrigerant
  • Long working life due to stainless steel head and membrane welded using protective gas
  • Adjustable superheat for two-way construction
  • Fixed superheat setting for angle construction
  • For maximum pressure PS see specification sheet
  • For maximum test pressure PF see specification sheet
  • Special versions (bypass, other refrigerants, etc.) on request
  • For capacities of orifices download attached engineering manual or check with our selection software Valve Tool
  • Series : TOE(X)
  • Orifice : solid built-in
  • Connections : O-ring
  • Pressure equalizer : internal, X-model: external
  • Capillary tube length : 1.5 m
  • Bulb diameter : 12 mm
  • Brass parts : body, connections
  • Stainless steel parts : internals, power head
  • Copper parts : bulb
  • Max. ambient temperature : 100 °C
  • Max. bulb temperature : 140 °C
  • Series TOEX-TEV with fixed orifice and O-ring connection
  • Shipping Weight : 4 Kg
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