• 61F-GP-N Omron industrial automation float less level switch
  • Small in size: 49.4 × 38 × 84 mm (H×W×D).
  • Easy recognition of working position with LED operation signal.
  • Independent DPDT contacts on 11-Pin Models.
  • CE marking and UL/CSA compliance.
  • ED operation indicator provided for easy identification of operation status.
  • Low and high sensitivity models available.
  • Different models can be used for high temperatures.

Models Specifications

Type Standard function Long-distance (for 2 km) Long-distance (for 4 km)
Item Item Item
11-pin 61F-GP-N 61F-GP-NL 2KM 61F-GP-NL 4KM
Item Item Item
11-pin 61F-GP-NH 61F-GP-ND 61F-GP-NR
Type Tropical environments High-temperature
Item Item
8-pin 61F-GP-N-TDL 61F-GP-NT
Type General-purpose Long-distance (for 2 km) Long-distance (for 4 km)
Model Model Model
8-pin 61F-GP-N8 61F-GP-N8L 2KM 61F-GP-N8L 4KM Type High-sensitivity Low-sensitivity Two-wire
Item Item Item
8-pin 61F-GP-N8H 61F-GP-N8D 61F-GP-N8R


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61F-GP-N Floatless Level Switch
USD 60
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