Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier what is the difference for series J2S、J3、J4

Mitsubishi servo has a variety kind of motors (Rotary, linear and direct drive motors) in order to achieve the best machine performance.

now the latest version is MELSERVO-J5.

  • MELSERVO-J5 series supporting the new network, CC-Link IE TSN;
  • MELSERVO-J4 series supporting SSCNET III/H; and the one-touch servo, MELSERVO-JN series.

MELSERVO-J5 Maximize system performance

  • Progressiveness : For evolution of machines
  • Connectivity : For flexible system configurations
  • Usability : For quick operation start
  • Maintainability: For prompt detection and diagnosis of failures
  • Heritage : For utilization of existing devices