Siemens updated Model Number list

The below model number of Siemens will updated to be new model number, kindly please check and for your reference.

OLD MLFB MLFB Successor Product
6ES7515-2UM01-0AB0 6ES7515-2UN03-0AB0 CPU 1515TF-2 PN
6ES7511-1AK02-0AB0 6ES7511-1AL03-0AB0 CPU 1511-1 PN
6ES7511-1FK02-0AB0 6ES7511-1FL03-0AB0 CPU 1511F-1 PN
6ES7511-1TK01 -0AB0 6ES7511-1TL 03-0AB0 CPU 1511T-1 PN
6ES7511-1UK01-0AB0 6ES7511-1UL03-0AB0 CPU 1511TF-1PN
6ES7513-1AL 02-0AB0 6ES7513-1AM03-0AB0 CPU 1513-1 PN
6ES7513-1FL02-0AB0 6ES7513-1FM03-0AB0 CPU 1513F-1 PN
6ES7516-3AN02-0AB0 6ES7516-3AP03-0AB0 CPU 1516-3 PN/DP
6ES7516-3FN02-0AB0 6ES7516-3FP03-0AB0 CPU 1516F-3 PN/DP
6ES7510-1DJ01-0AB0 6ES7510-1DK03-0AB0 CPU 1510SP-1 PN
6ES7510-1SJ01-0AB0 6ES7510-1SK03-0AB0 CPU 1510SP F-1 PN
6ES7512-1DK01-0AB0 6ES7512-1DM03-0AB0 CPU 1512SP-1 PN
6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 6ES7512-1SM03-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN
6ES7515-2FM02-0AB0 6ES7515-2FN03-0AB0 CPU 1515F-2 PN
6ES7515-2AM02-0AB0 6ES7515-2AN03-0AB0 CPU 1515-2 PN
6ES7515-2TM01-0AB0 6ES7515-2TN03-0AB0 CPU 1515T-2 PN