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  • 3G3MX2-A4015-V1

  • The BRD usage is 10%.

  • 3-phase 380 to 480 V (The output cannot exceed the incoming voltage).

  • With the 3G3AX-NFI23, only the CT rating is supported.

  • Used to suppress harmonic current generated from the Inverter.

  • Suppresses harmonic current better than the AC Reactor and can be used with the AC Reactor.

  • Connect the AC Reactor if the capacity of the power supply is much larger than that of the Inverter or the power factor is required to be improved.

  • speeds

  • starting frequency adjustment

  • jogging operation

  • carrier frequency

  • adjustment

  • PID control

  • High starting torque and torque control capability in open loop mode give you full control of your machine dynamics and performance.

  • Options for all of the major open network systems.
  • Shipping Weight : 3 Kg