6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0 — Siemens — Ethernet Networking Profinet Interface

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CPU Detail Old Model Number(Discontinued) New Model Number
CPU 1211C CPU 1211C DC/DC/DC 6ES7211-1AD30-0XB0 6ES7211-1AE31-0XB0 6ES7211-1AE40-0XB0
CPU 1211C AC/DC/RLY 6ES7211-1BD30-0XB0 6ES7211-1BE31-0XB0 6ES7211-1BE40-0XB0
CPU 1211C DC/DC/RLY 6ES7211-1HD30-0XB0 6ES7211-1HE31-0XB0 6ES7211-1HE40-0XB0
CPU 1212C CPU 1212C DC/DC/DC 6ES7212-1AD30-0XB0 6ES7212-1AE31-0XB0 6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0
CPU 1212C AC/DC/RLY 6ES7212-1BD30-0XB0 6ES7212-1BE31-0XB0 6ES7212-1BE40-0XB0
CPU 1212C DC/DC/RLY 6ES7212-1HD30-0XB0 6ES7212-1HE31-0XB0 6ES7212-1HE40-0XB0
CPU 1214C CPU 1214C DC/DC/DC 6ES7214-1AE30-0XB0 6ES7214-1AG31-0XB0 6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0
CPU 1214C AC/DC/RLY 6ES7214-1BE30-0XB0 6ES7214-1BG31-0XB0 6ES7214-1BG40-0XB0
CPU 1214C DC/DC/RLY 6ES7214-1HE30-0XB0 6ES7214-1HG31-0XB0 6ES7214-1HG40-0XB0
CPU 1215C CPU 1215C DC/DC/DC   6ES7215-1AG31-0XB0 6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0
CPU 1215C AC/DC/RLY   6ES7215-1BG31-0XB0 6ES7215-1BG40-0XB0
CPU 1215C DC/DC/RLY   6ES7215-1HG31-0XB0 6ES7215-1HG40-0XB0
CPU 1217C CPU 1217C DC/DC/DC     6ES7217-1AG40-0XB0
  • Estimated Lead Time : 5 working days.
  • Manufacturer : Siemens
  • Product No. : 6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0
  • Product type : Ethernet Networking Profinet Interface
  • For use with : SIMATIC S7-1200 series
  • Number of I/O : 24
  • Number of inputs : 2 switch as analogue input), 14 (digital input
  • Input type : Analogue, digital
  • Voltage category : 24 V dc
  • Output type : Digital, transistor
  • Number of outputs : Transistor output), 10 (digital output)
  • Network type : Ethernet
  • Communication port type : Ethernet, Profinet, UDP
  • Program capacity : 75 kB
  • Programming interface : Profinet
  • Number of communication ports : 1
  • Maximum operating temperature : +60°C
  • Programming language used : FBD, LAD, SCL
  • Output current : 500 mA
  • Maximum inputs/outputs : 14/10
  • Memory : 4 MB
  • Mounting type : DIN Rail, wall mount
  • Minimum operating temperature : -20°C
  • Dimensions WxHxD cm = 11x10x7.5
  • Shipping weight : 3Kg
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6ES7211-1AE40-0XB0, 6ES7211-1BE40-0XB0, 6ES7211-1HE40-0XB0, 6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0, 6ES7212-1BE40-0XB0, 6ES7212-1HE40-0XB0, 6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0, 6ES7214-1BG40-0XB0, 6ES7214-1HG40-0XB0, 6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0, 6ES7215-1BG40-0XB0, 6ES7215-1HG40-0XB0, 6ES7217-1AG40-0XB0


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