Mitsubishi Electric-HF-KP43B


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  • HF-KP43B

  • Servo amplifier model:MR-J3-40A(1)/B(1)

  • Power facility capacity (Note 1) (kVA):0.9

  • Rated output (W):400

  • Rated torque (N m [oz in]):1.3 (184)

  • Maximum torque (N m [oz in]): 3.8 (538)

  • Rated speed (r/min):3000

  • Rated speed (r/min): 6000

  • Permissible instantaneous speed (r/min): 6900

  • Recommended load/motor inertia moment ratio:15 times the servo motor鈥檚 inertia moment maximum (Note 3)

  • Speed/position detector:18-bit encoder (Resolution per encoder/servo motor rotation: 262144 p/rev)

  • Attachments: (Motors with an oil seal are available (HF-KPMJ))

  • Insulation class: Class B

  • Structure:Totally enclosed non ventilated (protection level: IP65) (Note 4)

  • Ambient temperature:0 to 40掳C (32 to 104掳F) (non freezing), storage: ?15 to 70掳C (5 to 158掳F) (non freezing)

  • Ambient humidity:80% RH maximum (non condensing), storage: 90% RH maximum (non condensing)

  • Atmosphere:Indoors (no direct sunlight); no corrosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist or dust

  • Elevation/vibration (Note 5): 1000m or less above sea level; X: 49m/s2 Y: 49m/s2

  • Shipping Weight: 6 kg