SMC Pneumatic Pressure Switch IS3000 Series

Easy electrical wiring Wide space for wiring. Fixed wiring possible with G 1/2 connector. Calibration range 0.1 to 0.7 MPa Frequency: 1 cycle/sec Service life: 10 million cycles With indicator light

SMC Pneumatic Pressure Switch IS3000 Series

Can be used for micro load, around 10 mA e.g. relays, pro- grammable controllers, etc.

Model Piping method Micro switch type Min. applicable load
IS3000-02 Rc 1/4 thread  



5 VDC 160 mA

IS3100 Gasket piping
IS3010-02 Rc 1/4 thread  

Micro load


5 VDC 1 mA

IS3110 Gasket piping


Fluid Air/Inert gas
Proof pressure 1.0 MPa
Max. operating pressure 0.8 MPa
Pressure adjustment range 0.1 to 0.7 MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature –5 to 60°C (No freezing)
Contacts 1ab
Error of scale ±0.1 MPa
Hysteresis 0.05 MPa or less
Repeatability ±0.05 MPa
Enclosure Equivalent to IP40
Weight 0.15 kg