Multifunction type 0 0 A6SF series Servo Drive


Multifunction type 0 0 A6SF series Servo Drive.

More compact, more faster and more easy-to-use Servomotors that meet the demands of the present age.

Part Number: MBDLT25SF
Details: A6SF series
Multifunction type (Pulse
with the safety function
Family Name: MINAS A6
A6SF series
Type: Multifunction type
Frame: B-Frame
Frequency response: 3.2 kHz
Control method: Position control, Velocity control, Torque control, and Full-closed control
Safety Function: with
Supply voltage: Single/3-phase 200 V
I/F Classification of type: Analog /Pulse, Modbus (RS485 /RS232)
Dimensions (W) (Unit: mm): 55
Dimensions (H) (Unit: mm) :150
Dimensions (D) (Unit: mm) :130
Weight(kg): 1.0
Environment: For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.