Omron NS5SQ10BV2


  • Estimated Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
  • NS5-SQ10B-V2

  • More power
  • smaller size

  • This series consists of Monochrome models with 16 grey scales and STN/TFT models

  • with up to 32,768 colours
  • It is equipped with a USB connection for project download/ upload and the possibility to communicate over Ethernet.
  • One great advantage with

  • the NS is that you can make use of Omron?s unique Smart Active Parts (SAP) that save you time when configuring,
  • commissioning and maintaining your machine
  • SAP are pre-programmed, pre-tested visualisation objects with embedded communication code,
  • bringing ‘drag and drop’ simplicity to HMI design.

  • Perfect clarity and fast switching screens

  • Extremely long backlight life (up to 75,000 hours)

  • Support all European languages, Asian and Cyrillic

  • Easy data logging on compact flash

  • Large Memory size (60 MB)

  • Support for several non-Omron PLC?s

  • Shipping weight: 2 Kg