Mitsubishi Electric-QD75MH2

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  • QD75MH2
  • Number of control axes : Up to 2 axes
  • Number of positioning data: 600 data/axis
  • Operation cycle: 1.77ms (1/2 compared with existing model)
  • Connection with servo amplifier: High-speed serial communication system (SSCNET?)
  • Connectable servo amplifier: Mitsubishi General-Purpose AC servo (MR-J3-B)
  • Forced stop input: 24VDC level, 1 point/module
  • External signal I/F:
    • Upper stroke limit
    • Lower stroke limit
    • Proximity dog
    • Stop
    • Speed/position switching signal, 24VDC level, 5 points/axis
    • Manual pulse generator I/F: A-phase/B-phase, 5VDC level, 1 point/module
  •  Shipping Weight: 2 kg


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