Servo Electronic Transformer

Servo Electronic Transformer

3-phase 380v to 220v Servo Motor Drive Electronic Transformer Power Supply for  Servo Driver System


  1. Instructions for use:

This product is an ultra-small-volume three-phase servo electronic transformer specially designed for the mismatch between the grid and the AC servo motor voltage. It has changed the problems of bulky, heat-generating, power-consuming and difficult installation of traditional coil-type transformers. It does not cause pollution to the power grid. It is an ideal product for solving power adapter problems in industrial control systems, and is fundamentally different from power-frequency transformers in terms of performance. There is a qualitative leap forward.

This product uses the most cutting-edge microwave devices, three-phase full-bridge switch resonant technology, SPWM modulation technology, completely eliminate EMI interference, widely used in Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Panasonic, Sanyo, Delta, Dongyuan, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Omron, AB ,Frank,Schneider,Lost,Kobe,Lentz,Wide number…etc. All imported, domestic servo systems; The transformer capacity can be from 05KVA-80KVA, which satisfies the matching of all servo motor voltages.

Comparison of Servo electronic transformer and servo voltage stabilizer/traditional transformer:

Picture servo electronic transformer traditional transformer
Item Servo Transformer servo voltage stabilizer
size(mm) 147x65x55 300x170x256
weight(kg) 0.68 48
  1. Product features:
  1. Intelligent, automatic adjustment of the current required by the servo system, the output current is not affected by the fluctuation of the power grid voltage, so that the servo motor to play a better performance;
  2. Beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, easy to transport;
  3. It can be freely hung in accordance with the use of convenient;
  4. Small heat, no noise, anti-interference, good electromagnetic compatibility;
  5. Strong instantaneous overload capacity, 3-5 times rated current;
  6. Safe and reliable, with a design life of more than 20 years;
  7. Superior performance, efficiency ≥ 99.8%;
  8. Typical applications: CNC machine tools, testing machines, winding machines, teaching machines, packaging machinery, semiconductor machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment, automation equipment industry;

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  1. Environmental requirements

When this product is used, its environmental requirements are:

  1. No water droplets, steam and oily dust
  2. No corrosion, flammable, explosive gas, liquid
  3. Non-floating dust Egyptian metal particles
  4. Where there are no violent vibrations and shocks
  5. The altitude does not exceed 4500M
  6. Good ventilation
  7. Ambient temperature: Maximum temperature: +50°C
  1. Technical specifications

Capacity: 0.5KVA-80KVA

Input voltage: 3φ380V (three-phase four-wire)

Output voltage: 3φ200V OR 220V (three-phase three-wire)

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Efficiency: ≥99.8%

Size and Weight:

servo transformer size & weight