TeSys D Telemecanique  New LC1D09 Contactor for motor control Resistive load.

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Schneider LC1D09

  1. TeSys D contactors are available with AC or DC operating coils
  2. can be panel mounted with screws or DIN rail mounted
  3. have IP20 finger-safe terminals
  4. 3-pole and 4-pole contactor versions available
  5. Non-Reversing Contactors: LC1D, LC1D09, LC1D12, LC1D18, LC1D25, LC1D32, LC1D40, LC1D50, LC1D65, LC1D80, LC1D95, LC1D115, LC1D150
  6. They can be used to create motor starters for any type of application
  7. designed for perfect integration in control systems
  8. LC1D09BD

the coil voltage codes for the LC1D09 / LC2D09 through LC1D38 / LC2D38 TeSys contactors

12V 21V 24V 32V 36V 42V 48V 60V 100V
 J7  Z7  B7  C7  CC7  D7  E7  EE7  K7
110V 115V 120V 127V 200V 208V 220V 230V 240V
 F7  FE7  G7  FC7  L7  LE7  M7  P7  U7
277V 380V 400V 415V 440V 480V 575V 600V 690V
 W7  Q7  V7  N7  R7  T7  SC7  X7  Y7

TeSys D IEC contactor  List

POWER AC 24V AC 110V AC 220V AC 380V
9A LC1D09B7C LC1D09F7C LC1D09M7C LC1D09M7C
12A LC1D12B7C LC1D12F7C LC1D12M7C LC1D12Q7C
25A LC1D25B7C LC1D25F7C LC1D25M7C LC1D25Q7C
32A LC1D32B7C LC1D32F7C LC1D32M7C LC1D32Q7C
38A LC1D38B7C LC1D38F7C LC1D38M7C LC1D38Q7C
40A LC1D40B7C LC1D40F7C LC1D40M7C LC1D40Q7C
50A LC1D50B7C LC1D50F7C LC1D50M7C LC1D50Q7C
65A LC1D65B7C LC1D65F7C LC1D65M7C LC1D65Q7C
80A LC1D80B7C LC1D80F7C LC1D80M7C LC1D80Q7C
95A LC1D95B7C LC1D95F7C LC1D95M7C LC1D95Q7C
  1. Reversing Contactors: LC2D, LC2D09, LC2D12, LC2D18, LC2D25, LC2D32, LC2D40, LC2D65, LC2D80, LC2D95, LC2D115, LC2D150
  2. Star Delta Starters: LC3D, LC3D18, LC3D32, LC3D80 LC3D115, LC3D150

Both bimetallic and solid-state overload relays include the following features:

  • Isolated N.C. trip contact and N.O. alarm contacts
  • Manual or automatic reset function (bi-metallic versions only)
  • Tamper-resistant window for FLA settings
  • Test trip button

How to wire Schneider contactor Wiring diagrams

motor control for saftty starter
motor control for saftty starter
motor control for standard starter
motor control for standard starter

Power terminals

  • T1, T2, T3 Motor connection
  • L1, L2, L3 Power inputs






Control terminals

  1. A1, A2 Auxiliary power unit
  2. I.1 Control input, direction 1
  3. I.2 Control input, direction 2
  4. (LZ2H and LZ8H only)
  5. C Control inputs common point
  6. (LZ7H and LZ8H only)
  7. Y1 Reset mode, common point
  8. Y2 Reset mode, remote, manual
  9. Y3 Reset mode, automatic
  10. 98, 96, 95 Trip or error signaling contact


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